Taking a medicine so we can be around tempting things is really strange when we actually have the choice to not be around them in the first place.

We have and are massing a mountain of symptoms that get their own medical terminology, “these symptoms then get matched with either an old class of drugs or a newly developed one.” Oft times the newly medicated individual adopts the medicine as a part of their life (and the potential side effects that come with it) instead of making a lifestyle change. We seldom hear about the origin or what is actually triggering the symptom.
We now have one that has turned food cravings and binges into a medically defined, treatable symptom called B.E.D. or Binge Eating Disorder.
 Mayo Clinic definition: Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating.
Fast Food Diet
The culprit here is simple “sugar/sweeteners and high starch meals or snacks with very little fiber.” Many of the processed foods give a cocaine like response in the brain when we see them and temporarily fire up the pleasure centers of our brain when we eat them. When was the last time you had a binge eating disorder craving for a salad, grilled chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli?
Sugar spikes cause intense cravings due to the amount of insulin our body has to produce which in turn sets us up for a sugar crash. This insulin usually doesn’t realize its job is complete until there isn’t hardly any sugar left, “thats its signal to leave the blood supply.” The low level of insulin triggers the release of fat for energy. But oft times we beat the release of fat for energy with our next sugar binge…
When we clean up the problem foods and drinks that we have easy access to, we get rid of those sudden impulse foods that make us hungry even when we’re not. Taking a medicine so we can be around tempting things is really strange when we actually have the choice to not be around them in the first place.
Don't talk to me!
I have had a struggle with this personally (as far back as I can remember) and know how hard it can be to stay on track with the foods we should be eating, but I do know that I want to eat foods that align with my health and fitness goals and do not work against them. This helps me and I feel may help you too, since most of us want to avoid excess weight gain, premature aging, chronic disease, and want a steady source of energy with mental clarity.
Tip: if you get food cravings try finding a food or snack that is a good source of protein and fat, such as nuts, (I especially like pecans since it’s the tree nut of the south). This is a great source of protein, fat and antioxidants. Another satisfying snack is to take oil and vinegar with a little sea salt to dip vegetables in as a healthy snack to munch on between meals. This is a good source of fat and micro-nutrients as well.
When we shape our food choices and activities with our goals in mind, it becomes purpose driven choices instead of a life that is medicated into submission! 
Wishing you the best in health & fitness!
Wade Yoder

ISSA Master Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist    
Valley Athletic CLub