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What You Get

I use a multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on position-specific instruction, player evaluation, speed, strength, and conditioning with one goal in mind: to help every player reach their true potential. Coaching based on a solid understanding of the game’s fundamentals. Focusing on the individual player, student-athletes receive a mixture of personalized, position-specific instruction that focuses on technical skill development and guided game-situational play against other players. My strength and conditioning program promotes athletic progression and give players the chance to train like a champion and compete anywhere. My goal is to help you reach your full potential in sports and life.


Personal training Plan

I should warn you that I expect a lot from my clients. I expect even more from my Online clients. My focus is absolutely unwavering and is not for everyone. I will do everything necessary to get results and I do not take passengers.

$50 A session

8 week online coaching

A truly great workout is about more than sweat. It’s about getting the coaching, community support, and attention you deserve. See real results with our coach-led programs.

1st 8 weeks $400



Student Athlete Training

I prepare student-athletes for the biggest plays of their lives through strength, conditioning, character development, and mentoring.  Training programs designed to challenge and elevate every single aspect of a student-athlete’s performance. I believe in fostering a supportive environment that provides our student athletes with access to unmatched resources and opportunities. I encourage community leadership and social responsibility to guide our student-athletes toward their academic and athletic goals of being a true student athlete. 

$50 a session


Team and organization training

All athletes on a team rely on one another, so prepare your whole squad to perform its best. With our training services, teams and organizations can provide their athletes with everything they need to succeed.

Starting at $250 a session

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“The workouts with Josh Wallie is always fun because you never know what you were going to do the next session.  He always know different ways to shock your body and I could tell the difference in my strength.  In a month I dropped 15 lbs off my frame the right way.”

Darryl Miles

Lawrenceville, GA

Josh take the time to craft a plan tailored to your fitness goals and teaches you proper form to get maximum results.  The workouts are never boring and Coach always mixes things up to keep your body shock.  Josh is a great motivator.  Even on days when I don’t feel like being in the gym, he helps me dig deep and overcome.  He pushes me to train harder and lift more than I would have ever had the courage to do on my own.  I’ve worked with a number of trainers over the years to reach my fitness goals but Coach Josh is the best around!

Christine Smith

Snellville, GA

I have never in my life met a trainer like Josh. He cares, considerate, and takes his time with you. He has put me on the right path of my journey. He will get you eating correctly and the proper nutrition. He will text you all throughout the day checking up on you to see how you are feeling, eating, sleeping, and recovering. Being in the gym with Josh is an entirely different world. We do things that I have never seen anyone else do in the gym. Outside the gym he pushes you but he doesn’t kill you. Trust me you will be very satisfied training with Wallie!! JUST DO IT AND YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! He has change my life. … let him CHANGE YOURS!!!!”

Jennifer Zuniga

Lawrenceville, GA

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