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Our personal training includes a full array of workout programs, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions, giving you a bespoke exercise schedule.




No more wasting time on inefficient workouts and diets that never quite click. You work directly with me to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your life.  At the very beginning of your journey I conduct a full scale audit of dietary habits and make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, rather than making sweeping statements that apply generally, but not necessarily to you specifically.

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Building Character & Integrity In Youths Through Outdoor Programs. Peer Mentoring. Life Skills Development.

Personal Training

Whether you want to know how the secrets to six pack abs and sculpt a Hollywood body that turns heads, or you simply want to be healthier and happier, personal training is the way to go.

Student Athletics

Introduce the profession of athletic training to young adults who have a desire to pursue a career in athletic training or want to learn more about the profession of athletic training and all of its domains.

Youth Sports

Positive reinforcement is used in coaching youth sports to bring about desirable changes in behavior and to teach children to take responsibility for their actions. 


“Coach Wallie pushes you as an athlete and always motivates you not to give up.  He has always been someone I can look up to inside and outside the gym.  Coach shows leadership to all his students and is a awesome father to Jr.  Coach Wallie helped me bulk up to 202 lbs and cut down to 162 lbs.”

Cameron Davis

Grayson, GA

“Yoooooo I took 3rd in my age group and 6th overall! Throughout my fitness journey I have worked with several other personal trainers, none of them come close to Josh! His personal dedication and enthusiasm is incomparable to anyone I have worked with. Some days I think he is more dedicated to my success than I am! When I feel like quitting or like I can not do something in the gym, he is right there to encourage and motivate me to reach my full potential.

Princess Johnson

Lawrenceville, GA




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